Solar Haryana | Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme Haryana

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Recently Haryana government has announced a rooftop Solar Haryana Plant subsidy scheme and inviting new applications for this scheme through the online mode at official website the main aim of this scheme is to you aware people about green energy and opt for solar plants for their houses the department of renewable energy is also made simple policies and programs that are necessary for renewable resources of energy in this Haryana state. 

Solar Haryana | Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme Haryana

The main aim of this scheme is to provide green energy e in the state and people of green energy resources to reduce their bills amount it and save efficient energy for housing and commercial and industrial sectors also.

While installation of Solar Haryana plants is different categories of buildings in Haryana state this is doing because to increase the solar power energy in the state.

The government made a target for the rooftop Solar Plant Scheme to add grid-connected solar power generation of 3,000 megawatts by 2017 and 20,000 megawatts by 2022 while the annual capacity of installation in Haryana state is 4.6 Kilowatt/meter square/day and this scheme is in to reduce the climate change factors and motivate people to opt green energy e-resources to reduce the various issues of Climate Change and pollution in the country.

Latest updates Latest Update: India added around 2.32 GW of solar capacity in the first nine months of 2021 year. The new generation capacity included 1,437 MW of ground-mounted projects and 883 MW of rooftop solar, according to Haryana-based JMK Research, which cited data released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

Rooftop Solar Plant subsidy scheme Haryana

Haryana and your native place are Haryana then you can apply easily for a rooftop Solar Plant subsidy through the official website of the Haryana renewable energy department at and below is the complete procedure to fill the online application form so go through the process gen and fill their online application form to avail benefits.

Apply Online for Solar Haryana | Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme Haryana

 Visit the official website at Official Website

solar haryana

Presently the online applications from have been closed.

Please check all the details from From Here

Visit the Atal Seva Kendra And Apply for the Scheme Easily. 

Subsidy under rooftop Solar Power Plant subsidy scheme in Haryana

The government Haryana government is providing 30% off of subsidy cost scheme and the maximum subsidy per kilowatt is rupees 20000 for all residential institutional and other social sector departments.

List of documents required for solar rooftop plant subsidy scheme in Haryana

All the citizens required the necessary documents to avail the benefit of this scheme keeps all these documents at the time of online application form filling.

Identity Proof (both):

PAN Card

Aadhaar Card

Residence/Address Proof:

AADHAR CARD and Any other document if address differ from AADHAR Card

Site Address Proof:

Electricity Bill

Photograph of site

For other than the domestic sector:

Registration Certificate

Proof of being an institute/social organization

For Detailed Guidelines Click Here   || Click Here For–>>> मुख्यमंत्री परिवार समृद्धि योजना हरियाणा

Highlights of Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme

Generally, the rooftop Space Requirement is only 10 Sq. Mtr/kwp.
There is no processing/application fee.
The installation of a solar power plant is now going to be mandatory in certain categories of buildings in Haryana state.
We don’t require any permission from the building plan sanction authority.

Get the system installed from any of the approved channel partner of MNRE, Govt. of India (List available on &

Important Links of Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme in Haryana

Subsidy CalculatorLink
Technical SpecificationsLink

Benefits of Solar Rooftop Plant

Zero energy-production costs: As we know that solar energy doesn’t require NY OUTSIDE SOURCE TO work, so its maintenance and energy production costs are practically zero.

Less energy lost during long-distance transport: Losses during energy travel and distribution of energy increase with the distance between the production and supply points.

Versatile installation: The installation process is super easy and simple, which means that it can be installed almost anywhere, taking advantage of both vertical and horizontal spaces with no specific use.

Energy production coincides with the times of maximum demand: The periods with the highest energy demand are concentrated in the time slots between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM and to a lesser extent, from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. 

Impact on the environment: The production of solar energy doesn’t produce any type of pollution, noise pollution, which is an important benefit to take into account for installations in urban areas.

Improved security of the power grid: One of the important indirect benefit that has a direct impact on the efficiency of the power grid in the case of the common problems of blackouts and voltage dips.

Economic savings: Ultimately the production of renewable energy from the sun directly reduces costs because it is an inexhaustible source of energy that isn’t subject to market fluctuations or the effects generated by speculation.

Economic impact: Finally, most of the costs of the system come from the installation of the solar panels themselves, which promotes local job creation.

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