OBMMS AP YSR Subsidy Loans Status, SC/ST/BC/Kapu OBMMS application status 2021, Check Online @apobmms.cgg.gov.in

OBMMS AP YSR Subsidy Loans Status:-Hello everyone, today we will discuss with the OBMMS AP YSR Subsidy Loans Status. Friends you all have the question in your mind that what do you mean by the OBMMS AP. How does it work? who are the beneficiaries of the OBMMS AP? In today’s blog, we will tell you the complete details about the OBMMS AP. The online application submissions for Corporation loans that are subsidies are still live on the official website of Andhra Pradesh. Lots of eligible communities like SC, ST, BC, Kapu, etc. have taken advantage of Andhra Pradesh subsidy loans. People who have already applied can now check the application status on the official website. And in this article, we will tell you how you can benefit from the OBMMS application and how to check online application status with the help of the official website. 

All the citizens of Andhra Pradesh who have applied for subsidy loans under the Andhra Pradesh government scheme are advised to follow the given steps.

AP Subsidy Loans Status | obmms application status 2021

Last year thousands of people applied for this scheme and many of them benefit from the scheme. As per the 20-21 action plan around 1.98 lakh, people get benefits from 20 corporations.

The OBMMS scheme is generally started by the Andhra Pradesh Government and it offers people to start a new business in various fields and in different communities. The required financial assistance for business is offered by the concerned department when the application is verified and processed by the verified officials.

Lots of people get tense after applying for financial assistance under this scheme. But you need not to worry. If your application process is correct and your documents are up-to-date then your application will not get rejected. Your application will be accepted and you will get benefits under this scheme. So wait for the official approval statement. 

Now online obmms application status is available and you can check your application status online and find out what exactly is happening with your obmms application. So you can stay aware of your application. 

How to Check OBMMS Application Status Online | AP Subsidy Loan

Here we are telling you how you can check your online application status and subsidy loan obmms application status.

OBMMS Status Checking

You need to go to the official website of the Scheme for Pension and Medical Aid to Artistes is obmms Portal   (Presently The  site of this scheme is not working, we will update the link when it will work properly) obmms status check

Use the “Get Beneficiary Proceedings” optionobmms

After landing on the homepage as you can see the link then click on the link that shows “get beneficiary proceedings”

Now here you provide details regarding the Scheme for Pension and Medical Aid to Artistes

You will land on another page where you are asked to enter the beneficiary id you must enter the id carefully and correctly.obmms

Check Proceedings

After entering the correct beneficiary ID click on get details to see the OBMMS application status.

Check OBMMS beneficiary Online [SC/ST/BC/Kapu] Application Status

You can also use the beneficiary search option to search beneficiary submitted application information for the ap obmms.

1. First of all search the ap obmms beneficiary page then go to the OBMMS Beneficiary search page

beneficiary list check online

2. Now, enter your Ration Card Number, the beneficiary ID, Date of birth & Select Corporation name from the list

3. Once you have entered all details correctly, click on “Search” to proceed

4. Now, the beneficiary information will be presented on the screen

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What is OBMMS scheme?

The OBMMS scheme is generally started by the Andhra Pradesh Government and it offers people to start a new business in various fields and in different communities.

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