Manrega Job Card List 2023: Check State Wise Job Card List Online

Check the updated Manrega Job Card List 2023 for various states across India. Find the procedure to apply for new job cards and view the status online. Get details about rural employment and the benefits of having an MGNREGA job card.

(MANREGA Job Card) List 2023: The full form of MNREGA is the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. This Ministry distributes the Mahatma Gandhi Job cards to poor families in different states of India. This scheme runs in the Rural areas of India.

The NREGA Job Card list has been announced by the MANREGA, which can be seen by following the link below state-wise. The main aim of the NREGA scheme is to help poor families in rural areas in India. NREGA Scheme generates employment in rural areas of India.

MANREGA Job Card 2023 Update

The Finance Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman has increased the wages of laborers who migrated from the other states to their village.

For those migrant laborers returning, the amount of Rs.182 daily received in MNREGA has been increased to Rs.202 daily. (MANREGA Job Card) Under the MNREGA scheme, 14.6 crore man-days of work have been done by the government till 13 May 2020.

MGNREGA Job Card List 2023

Poor families’ livelihoods run in a proper way. You can also check your name in the NREGA Job Card List, we are going to tell you that how you can check your name in the job card list, here are direct links provided below you can follow them to check your name in the Job card list. 


This scheme was brought by the Government in 2005 known as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 but presently it is known as Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act 2005. (mgnrega) This scheme is for the unskilled poor people of India to earn money. The Government bought this scheme in 2005 to help the poor families of rural India.

NREGA Job Card List 2023

  • NREGA scheme provides employment to unskilled poor families of rural areas of India. And with the help of the NREGA scheme poor families benefited the most. (MANREGA Job Card) Under the NREGA scheme, unskilled labour gets work up to 100 days in the financial year.
  •  These job cards were prepared by the Ministry of Rural Development for the poor people of all states in India. And these Job cards can be easily viewed and downloaded through the official website of MANREGA Job Card. 
  • You can check all the job card lists of your area and you can find your name in the job card list easily using the NAREGA Job Card 2020. Citizens named in the Job card list can apply for the MANREGA Job Card scheme 2020. 
  •  Here we are providing the links of the NREGA Job Card List for all 29 States and union territories of India for the last ten years under this National Rural Employment Scheme. The Job Card details can be viewed on the official website of MANREGA Job Card. If you want to check your name in the Job card list then please read this article carefully. 

Main Objective Of NREGA

  • To ensure that each household in rural areas receives a minimum of 100 days of unskilled manual work as guaranteed employment in a financial year, resulting in the creation of productive assets of specified quality and durability.
  • Assuring social inclusion on a proactive basis.
  • Strengthening the poor’s basic survival base.
  • Integrating Panchayati Raj institutions.

MANREGA Job Card List Benefits

  • If someone is unskilled in rural areas and has no source of income then the person can join the NREGA scheme and earn money to live a happy life.
  • And it is very easy to check the name of a person in a job card list with the help of the official website of NREGA from anywhere.
  • After finding the name in the Job card list they can easily download the list by simply following the website instructions.
  • The main aim of the NREGA scheme is to improve the living standard of poor people of rural areas in India, by providing 100 days of work assurance under this NREGA Scheme.
  • After finding your name in the Job card list you can apply for NREGA Scheme and get paid for 100 days. 
  • NREGA Job cards mainly show important information related to the tenure of work obtained by the citizen.
  • The most important thing about this scheme is the worker gets employment under the 5km range from the worker’s home. And daily wages will be paid as per the scheme guidelines.
  • The worker will get his wages directly in his bank account and his money is fully secured. There is no middleman for the wages. So there are no corruption chances in this NREGA scheme.
  • If the registered worker didn’t get work from the government under 15 days from the date of application, then the Government will pay the worker allowance.

History Of MANREGA 

  1.  This scheme was introduced under the leadership of former Prime Minister of India P.V Narasimha Rao in 1991. Then this scheme was finally accepted by both houses of parliament. In its initial state, this scheme was implemented in 625 districts of India. Later this scheme was published in the World Development Reports 2014 and it is used to provide employment opportunities for the poor people of India.
  2.  And this scheme creates millions of employment opportunities for poor families in India. This scheme sets a great example of creating employment in rural areas. After creating a milestone by the NREGA scheme the World Bank called this scheme a stellar example of rural development in India.

Some Rights Of NREGA Job Card Holders

Mgnrega Job Card List 1
  • Right to apply for the plan.
  • Direct access to a job card
  • right to apply for work and receive a dated application receipt.
  • selection of the duration and time period of the work sought.
  • Obtaining work within 15 days of applying or, in the case of an advance application, within 15 days of the day work is sought is the goal.
  • On-site drinking water, a crèche, and first aid facilities.
  • right to an additional 10% compensation if employment is offered outside a 5-kilometer radius.
  • The authority to search muster rolls and obtain all information pertaining to the employment listed on the work card.
  • Option for weekly payments
  • right to unemployment benefits if employment is not found within 15 days of applying or from the date work is sought, whichever is later.
  • After the 16th day of muster roll closure, the right to compensation for delay is calculated at 0.05 percent of unpaid earnings per day.
  • Medical treatment in the event of an injury sustained on the job, including the expense of hospitalization, if necessary, and an ex-gratia payment in the event of disability or death while on the job.

How To Check MANREGA Job Card List 2023?

  • First, you need to go to the Official Website of MANREGA Job Card.
  • On the official website, you will see a list of different states. You have to choose your state name and click on your state name. 
  • After that, you have to select your state. As shown in the image below. After that select your block. After that select your panchayat area.
  • After that, a new page will open in which you have to select “Job Card/Employment Register” under Job Card Registration Menu.
  • Then a new page will open showing details about employees which include Job Car Number and Name of the employee.
  • To view complete details, simply click on the Job Card Number. After clicking a new page will open showing all details about employee working under MANRREGA scheme.
  • You can download this job card an use it for employment opportunities.

How To Check NAREGA Job Card Status?

You can check the status of your job card by following the steps below:

  • To begin, go to the NREGA’s official website.
  • Select Services from the drop-down menu on the home page.
  • You must then select the Job Card option after clicking on that item.
  • Now fill in the required information, such as the district name.
  • You will be able to check the status after you have completed all of the required fields.

What Is NREGA Scheme?

This scheme is for the unskilled poor people of India to earn money. The Government bought this scheme in 2005 to help the poor families of rural India.

NREGA Scheme launched In which year?

This scheme was introduced under the leadership of former Prime Minister of India P.V Narasimha Rao in 1991.

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