Gujrat Government E Rickshaw Scheme | E Rickshaw Govt Scheme | Rs 12,000 Subsidy

Gujrat Government E Rickshaw Scheme | E Rickshaw Govt Scheme | E Scooter Govt Scheme | E Scooter Scheme | E Scooter Scheme for students

Gujarat government is encouraging people for electric vehicles to reduce air pollution in Gujarat. The chief minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani announced this subsidy scheme for two-wheeler electric vehicles and e rickshaws on Thursday 17, 2020. The E Rickshaw Scheme was announced during a climate change program to commemorate the following day of the state climate change department. The Chief Minister said that the subsidy as a Panch gift that is 5 development schemes in Gujarat to celebrate the 70th birthday of PM Narendra Modi.

Gujrat Government E Rickshaw Scheme

In this E Rickshaw Scheme, the government is going to support a plan for the use of battery-powered two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Also, the CM of Gujarat declared that students and other people of Gujarat will get a subsidy of rupees 12000 on each e scooter and e rickshaws. E Rickshaw scheme of the government will provide good assistant to students those who are studying from class 9th to college and want to purchase battery-powered two-wheeler. The government is supporting this type of student so they can go to their schools and colleges timely and without any inconvenience. Presently the government’s target is to provide assistant to 10,000 such vehicles means up to 10,000 students and people will get subsidies under this scheme.

With these the Gujarat state government is also going to provide assistant of rupees 40,000 for the purchase of 5000-kilowatt battery-powered rickshaw for individual and for father Institute beneficiaries.

Latest updates Latest Update: CM Vijay Rupani Announces Subsidy Schemes For E-Scooters, Rickshaws. Under the scheme, the state government will give a subsidy of Rs 12,000 each to students to buy e-scooters and Rs 48,000 for the purchase of battery-powered e-rickshaws for individual and institutional beneficiaries.

Gujrat Government E Rickshaw Scheme | E Rickshaw Govt Scheme

With this, an additional scheme is to provide an assistant of 50,0000 to set up and install structure facilities in the state for charging battery-powered vehicles. This means if someone wants to install a charging station then the government will provide a 5 lakh subsidy for that plant.

Presently the total capacity of electricity in the Gujarat state is 35,500 Megawatt and the renewable energy contribution to the estate is about 30% that is more than the national average of 20% which is good for the Gujarat state and  Gujarat is doing very good in the renewable energy sector also.

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Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 – Subsidy on E Rickshaw

Gujrat Government E Rickshaw Scheme.

White a subsidy of rupees 12000 to IIT college and school students to buy electric vehicles.

The benefit of This scheme would be given to those students who are studying from class 9 to college in Gujarat state.

The Subsidy amount is valid only for battery-powered vehicles.

Almost 10,000 search electric vehicles will be provided under this scheme.

Gujarat Three Wheeler Scheme 2021 – Subsidy on e Rickshaws

Gujarat three wheeler e rickshaw scheme mentioned below.

Give rupees 48208 to buy electric rickshaw under this three-wheeler scheme.

Individual and other institutional beneficiaries in the Gujarat state.

Valid only for a powered rickshaw not any other type of vehicle.

Almost 5000 touch electric three-wheeler electric vehicles would be provided under the three-wheeler scheme.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 schemes for e-scooters, rickshaws

The chief minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani recently announced an assistant scheme to encourage the use of battery-powered two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the Gujarat state the announcement was made to reduce the pollution level in the Gujarat state.

Gujrat Government E Rickshaw Scheme: Going to provide the city with 12000 rupees to each school student studying in standard 9th to college level for battery operated two-wheeler vehicles. The aim of the government is to provide subsidies for 10000 such students in this state similar to this a subsidy of 48 thousand rupees will also be provided for the three-wheeler e rickshaw for individual and institutional beneficiaries in the state the subsidy will be given for 5000 e rickshaw buyers.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani also mentioned a 50 lakh rupees scheme for creating the necessary infrastructure for charging stations for e-vehicles all these schemes were announced on the special occasion of foundation day of the climate change department in the Gujarat state.

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If you want a student and want to take benefit from this scheme then apply for for the vehicle and take benefit from this scheme.