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                         All About the Goat Farming

Welcome, today we will discuss the goat farming mission or the “Special Programme for Goat Development” which is also the part of the  National Mission for Protein Supplement (NMPS) which occurs under the  Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana.

As we all are aware of that since from a very long period India’s most of the rural population depend upon goat farming. In the state Odisha,  25 percent of Odisha’s rural population the goat farming there constitutes occupation. As a means of livelihood, goats are reared mainly by the marginal and landless farmers and almost 80 percent of the small farmers too to a lesser extent.

                         Aim of the Goat Farming 

In Odisha, goat farming is very famous among the common people. Some of the popularly native germplasm of goats are like  Black Bengal,  Ganjam, Badavihana, and Raigarh. These types of goats (breeds) are known for their fast adoption and are unique in nature in the local situation.

The rearing of indigenous species in small numbers or in small flocks the traditional goat husbandry system operates by individual families. The productivity and inputs in terms of financial investment for such a venture( like goat farming) are nearly zero and very low in such a conventional system.

 ▶Those farmers who rear the goats up to small flock size like 10 to 50 goats for the better production these farmers adopt the various modern methods. The goat development program was started in the year 2011-12 under the National Mission for Protein Supplement(NMPS) in the state Odisha which was further increased for the year 2012-13 by the state government of India.

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Objectives of the Goat Development Program or goat farming

The main objective to promote goat farming is to generate employment as well as to uplift the economic status of the small farmers in the state of Odisha. The holistic development of the Dairy & animal Husbandry sector as well as the growth in meat production will foretell under this scheme in which the animal protein intake must be increased for the nutritional balance for the customers. 

The main points of the objectives of the scheme are:-

For the better price realization, the scientific management set for the goat units.

To uplift the returns and productivity various practices have been done for better health care and management for the breeds.

For the profitable enterprise, goat farming will be promoted for local members of the community.

The expansion and replication will be done in the demonstration field to increase the people’s participation in goat farming for the development of this particular project.

The uplifting of this project is also beneficial to the meat production of the goat.

                    Details about the goat farming Project

Those farmers will get assistance who have at least 10 or more goats and they wish to contribute 50% of their unit cost in this profession. There are almost 266 units in the state in which will be supported for 50 females and 3 males goats. Under this particular scheme, there will be the provision of health cover packages, metal feeders, supplementation of minerals/vitamins, along with this the insurance policy has been made for supplied animals.

As per the requirement, the provision of a silage pit was also made in this scheme by the state government. This project is established to promote goat farming. Under this project, 29 districts have been included in the state. The approximate expenditure of the goat unit is mentioned below in the form of the table:

The component wise expenditure of Unit Size 53 goats (50 does+3 bucks)The component wise expenditure of Unit Size of 100 goats
(in Rs.)
(Rs. in Lakh)
(in Rs.)
1.Cost of 3-5 months old female goat- 50 in
12000.6000Cost of 3 month old female goats @Rs 1200/-x 951,14,000
2.Cost of 5 months old male goat – 3 in
18000.0540Cost of 5 month old male goats @Rs 1800/-x 59,000
3.Construction of shed with local
materials-300 sq.ft
700.2100Construction of shed with local material (1000Sq.ft
@ Rs 70/-)
4.Medicine and Vaccine for 53 animals 7700.0371Medicine and vaccine @ Rs 70/- per animal7,000
5.Feed for 2 months @ 250 gm/ day/ goat10Say100.0750Feed for 2 months @ 250gm per day per goat @ Rs
10/- per kg.
6.Metal Feeder- 3 in numbers, each for 20
18000.0540Metal feeder @ 1800for 20 goats x 59,000
7.Insurance cost of animals0.0123Insurance cost of animals12,460

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