Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2023

Free Fire Advance Server Registration- Free Fire continues to release advanced servers on a regular basis. The most recent version, OB29 APK, was launched on August 4, 2021. The gamers have been anticipating this version since OB27.

We are giving you all the newest information relating to its VPN, APK file, Download procedure, Login & registration process, as well as other details such as Free Fire Redeem Codes since the new Free Fire server is now online.

Every two months, the makers of Free Fire Advance Server the game. The creators have released the Free Fire Advance OB29 upgrade this time. They’ve added additional components to this, and the game is now available worldwide.

The developers have started the registration procedure this time. As a result, we will give you the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server APK Download. Also, go to to learn about the FF OB29 Adance Server procedure.

TopicFree Fire Advance Server Registration
GameGarena Free Fire
Server NameOB29
Released On4th August 2021

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Free Fire develops an advanced server and exclusively distributes new features there before publishing the new update on the global version. This aids in the developer’s bug and user experience testing. 

Only a limited number of users are given the opportunity to download the advanced server and get the activation code. These individuals can play the game and report issues to the Garena developers. As a reward, such users receive free Diamonds.

To keep players interested in the game, Free Fire Advance Server, the game creator, has devised a system of prizes and diamonds. In addition, by addressing issues, the players may assist the creators in eliminating them. 

Players are ecstatic about the latest update, which includes new guns, characters, pets, and ability balancing, among other things. The game becomes more fascinating and thrilling for the players as a result of this. Second, a player may earn diamonds in the game by reporting problems and malfunctions via feedback.

Free Fire Ob29 Advance Server (New Update)

The OB29 version of Free Fire is now available, with a variety of new features. The following are the main points regarding FF OB29:

  • The advanced server includes a number of features that are completely free but not accessible to everyone. Some of these functions aren’t even made available to the general public.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to go bug hunting and report them to the Free Fireteam. You will receive free diamonds and other incentives as a result of this.
  • Limited Garena FF Advance codes are available online, so register now to receive your activation codes.
  • Only players with the advanced server activation code will be able to utilize it.
  • Free Fire’s sophisticated server may be installed on any Android smartphone.
  • The iOS version will be ready soon.

Login And Register On The Free Fire Advance Server 

Login And Register On The Free Fire Advance Server

Players need to first register on the official website Free Fire to get the OB29 APK file. The registration period started on August 4 and will end in August 2021. At the moment, news registrations are closed, however, Free Fire Advance Server registration will reopen after the release of OB29.

Only those with the FF Advance Server code are eligible to register. Users will not be able to register for the new server unless they have the code. The steps for logging in and registering on the FF Advance Server are listed below.

  • The first step is for the user to go to the Free Fire game’s official website.
  • You’ll now be able to check in using your Facebook account. Log in to the Free Fire advance server download page using that link.
  • You will now be requested to provide information such as your full name, email address, and phone number.
  • After you’ve entered and submitted all of these data, you’ll see a button “Join now.” To pre-register for Free Fire Advance Server. go to that page.

Advance Server Ob29 Free Fire APK Download Process

  • Go to to access the Free Fire Advance Server OB29 webpage.
  • Because this is a new version, you’ll notice that the Advance Server is mentioned on the site. On the website, there are three stages to follow.
  • You must select the Sign In option to log in using your previous account.
  • After that, you must successfully sign in using your ID, after which you will see a download button on the screen.
  • You will receive a Free Fire OB29 APK as a result of this.
  • The Free Fire Advance Server OB29 update APK file is then installed. To download Free Fire OB29 APK, go to your phone’s settings and select Install From Unknown Source.
  • Finally, you may give the Activation code once the game is released.

Activation Code For Free Fire Advance Server Login

As previously stated, without the activation codes, the new server would not function. We give the activation codes and keep them updated on our website on a regular basis. To obtain the FF Advance Server OB29 code, go to our Free Fire Redeem Code page and obtain the code there. Below is a link to the FF Activation Code website. 

Activation CodeAvailable here

How To Get Activation Code For Free Fire Advance Server?

Download the Free Fire OB32 Advance Server APK from the official website. Install it on your device and open the Free Fire application. Go to the in-game mail section by clicking on the inbox icon present at the top of the screen. Find the mail with the Activation Code and copy it to your clipboard

In Which Server Does FF Give Free Diamonds?

If you want to get free fire diamonds, then you can Vietnam and Thailand Server.

How To Login And Register On The Free Fire Advanced Server?

The first step is for the user to go to the Free Fire game’s official website. You’ll now be able to check in using your Facebook account. Log in to the Free Fire advance server download page using that link.

What Is The Real Name Of DJ Alok?

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