Free Electricity Scheme for Farmers in Andhra Pradesh | Lifetime Free Electricity

Free Electricity Scheme | Free Electricity Scheme for Farmers in Andhra Pradesh | permanent free light scheme

The Andhra Pradesh government is now going to make farmers’ electricity bills free. Recently the government has announced this scheme and also the budget under this scheme is also allowed. For this scheme Rs 1700 cr. has been sanctioned for upgrading the capacity of feeders to reduce the electricity losses and make the electricity available free for farmers.

The State government is forecasting all the parameters to make the 9-hours supply available for the farmers in the Andhra Pradesh state. This 9-hour electricity will be given free of cost to the farmers of Andhra Pradesh. And this scheme is to be a permanent scheme in Andhra Pradesh state.

Free Electricity Scheme for Farmers

Free Electricity Scheme for Farmers

Presently the state government is focusing to build a permanent and robust electricity system for the supply of free power in the state to provide free electricity to the agriculture sector. To strengthen this system the government has also issued a budget for this system.

Solar power plant In Andhra Pradesh 

The state government is planning to install a 10,000 MW solar power plant in the state in the upcoming 30 years for a free power scheme for the agriculture sector.

For this, the power utilities are commissioned to install new power transformers of 400 KV substations and build 200 KV switching stations to complete the whole project very fast in the state.

As the chief minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy planned to upgrade the capacity of the feeders in the state. Funds also get allotted for this, almost Rs 1,700 crore has been sanctioned for this project. When all the power stations get upgraded then free electricity will be provided to the farmers of the state. With the help of this budget, almost 99% of feeders will be upgraded and the rest will be upgraded at the end of the Rabi season.

The Minister of Energy B. Srinivasa Reddy said that all these things are for the welfare of the farmers in the state. By doing this the farmers will get empowered. And ultimately “The State will progress if farmers are happy,”.

Other plans are also going to be implemented to give the free power scheme through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) under this the whole amount will be deposited directly in the farmer’s account.

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DBT scheme for Farmers

Under the DBT scheme, the farmers will be able to question the discoms on the quality of the power supplied to them, this will improve the accountability factor. The government is spending Rs 8353.58 crore to build this plan successfully for the people of Andhra Pradesh. For More Visit the official website of AN