E-Challan Delhi – Delhi Digital Traffic/Transport Police Challan Solution

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Welcome, today we will discuss the “Delhi Traffic Police Challan”.as we all being aware that Delhi’s traffic is very famous all over India. Because Delhi is a highly overcrowded city. As the inhabitants keep grows in the city, the number of automobiles on the road also increasing day by day. Road circumstances in India have every time been considered as overcrowded and likely highly treacherous as well. India’s capital city, Delhi is consistently in progress which originates from a lot of incidents or accidents happens on the roads. So, to examine the conditions of the traffic in the city, the Traffic Police of Delhi create operation of the E-Challan system that anyone who disobey the law while driving an automobile they have to pay fines.

E-Challan Delhi– Delhi Traffic Police Challan

 To examine your recent status of E-Challan in Delhi, the candidate can search the Delhi Traffic Police official website https://delhitrafficpolice.nic.in and hit on the Notice button tab. Now, the candidate has to open the “Pending Notices”. From here, you will reach a new page wherein candidates will have to fill in the required information of your automobiles or the number of the notice as well, and after that hit on the  “Search Details”.

Once you have to go through the information on the challan, now hit on “Pay Now” to move forward. A new page will be displayed on your computer where you found the pay Amount, Payment ID, and a for the Payment Gateway the drop-down tab. For payments that will be paid in Delhi by the SBIePay gateway. Once you choose the payment option the accept the “Terms and Conditions” to move further. Next, you have to select a payment made – by credit or debit card or e-banking. When payment will be paid by e-Banking, the applicant to choose the bank and then select “Pay Now”. Once the process of payment is done, a “Payment Successful” then on your mobile you will get a transaction ID. you must save the ID for any references or follow-ups in the future.

If you want to pay the e-challan payment offline, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1:give the cash amount to any police officer in the Delhi Traffic Police who hold an E-Challan machine.

  • Step 2: The owner or driver can visit directly the Delhi Traffic Police Headquarters with the credential required of the offender’s consisting of the driving license number, name, and address.

  • Step 3: A Draft Demand, Cheque, or Pay Order can be couriered or posted to the  HQ of Delhi Traffic Police.

  • Step 4: A Money Order is also being prepared and post to the post office for challan payment.

  • To give a complaint to the Delhi Traffic Police, you can either visit online on Facebook otherwise use WhatsApp also you can send a message text to 8750871493.

If in case you found yourself with an E-Challan and don’t know the procedure for paying it, here we will give a step-by-step guide for paying.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan e Challan Delhi Status Online 1
E-Challan Delhi – Delhi Digital Traffic/Transport Police Challan Solution 4
  • Step 3: Hit on the “Pending Notices” tab.
Delhi Traffic Police Challan e Challan Delhi Status Online 2 1
E-Challan Delhi – Delhi Digital Traffic/Transport Police Challan Solution 5
  • Step 4: Enter the Number of your Vehicle or Notice Number.

  • Step 5: Hit on the  “Search Details” to get further more details.

  • Step 6 Hit on the “Pay Now” if there is a notice of pending. 

  • Step 7: Check the “Amount” and the “Payment ID” money payment

  • Step 9: Once the payment is paid, a message will be sent to your phone of “Payment Successful”. You can download the receipt of the PDF version.

List of Delhi Traffic Police Challan 

The list of  Delhi Traffic Police Challan includes all the disrespect of laws and the fines for those crimes. It was work under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 and has since been made in 2019. The challan list is the money they are needed to pay or the penalty they are supposed to give if they disobey the law in Delhi. Some of the crimes are shown below:

Driving without a licenseRs 5,000
Driving under the influence of alcohol1st time – Rs 10,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment 2nd time – Rs 15,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment
Driving without a seatbeltRs 1,000
Riding without a helmetRs 1,000 and license disqualification for 3 months
Driving an unauthorized vehicle without a licenseRs 5,000
Driving even after being DisqualifiedRs 10,000
Driving an Uninsured Vehicle1st time – Rs 2,000 and/or up-to 3 months imprisonment 2nd time – Rs 4,000 and/or up-to 3 months imprisonment