Download E Adhar By Name, DOB, And Digilocker

Every user must have an Adhar card in India. It is quite difficult to bring a hard copy of an Adhar card with him hence, the Unique Identification Authority of India provides people the option to download e Adhar. So people can carry a softcopy of their Adhar card on their smartphone with them easily.

In this article, we will highlight how can you download e Aadhaar with an Adhar number and Enrollment Adhar Number, Why you should download e Adhaar, and more. So stay with us to know in detail about downloading e-Adhar and read all the way through.

How To Download E Aadhaar Card By Aadhaar Number?

You can easily download e Adhar card on your device by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Then click on my Aadhar card
  • Click on the download Adhar option
  • Then select the Aadhar option
  • Fill in your 12-digit Aadhar number, if you do not want to show the full Aadhar number then click on the masked Aadhar option.
  • Fill in the captcha and click on generate OTP.
  • One one-time password will be sent to your mobile number. 
  • Fill in the OTP in the required section.
  • After verifying the OTP complete “take survey question” on the same webpage, click on the verify, and download the e-adhar.

After following the above simple process you can easily download e-Adhaar in the form of a PDF but remember it is a password-protected document. So keep your password safe.

If you want to check your Aadhaar card status and don’t know about the process then you can also visit Aadhar Card Check Status and know more about the methods to check the Adhaar status.

Download E Adhar By Using Enrollment Adhar Number (EID)

Here are the steps if you want to download Eadhar by using the Aadhar enrollment number.

So follow the below-mentioned steps to download e Aadhar on your device.

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI 
  • Then go to the My Aadhar tab
  • Now click on the download Aadhar option
  • Select the enrollment ID option
  • Enter your 14-digit enrollment ID number in the required space.
  • Now, click on the download my Aadhar option.

Download E Adhaar By Using Virtual ID (VID)

If you want to download your E Adhar by using the virtual ID then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official Adhar site which is
  • Go to the My Adhar tab and click on it.
  • Click on the download Adhaar option
  • Select the virtual ID option or VID
  • Fill in your 16-digit virtual ID number, full name, pin code, and security code in the required option.
  • Enter the captcha and click on the send OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and that is sent to your registered mobile number
  • Complete the quick survey question on the same webpage.
  • Click on the verify and download to download e Adhar.

Download E Adhaar By Using DigiLocker Account

Download E Adhar

Here are steps to download e-Adhar by using the DigiLocker account. UIDAI collaborates with DigiLocker to be available to cardholders so that you can download your e Adhar easily via the DigiLocker app.

  • Visit the official site of DigiLocker and click on the sign-in button.
  • Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number to log in to your DigiLocker account and click on the verify button.
  • An OTP will be sent to your account, Fill that OTP in the required section and click on the verify button.
  • A window will appear where you can download e Aadhar by tapping on the Save button.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily download e-Adhaar via DigiLocker account. If you want to update the mobile number on your Adhaar card online and don’t know the process then read Aadhar Card Update Online Mobile Number.

Can I Download E Adhar Using 28 Digit Enrollment Number?

Yes, you can download e Aadhaar by using the 28-digit enrollment number.

Download E Aadhaar By Date Of Birth And Name

If you want to download Aadhar by date of birth and name then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official website UIDAI.
  • Click on my Aadhar tab.
  • Click on the forgotten UID/EID option in the Get Aadhar tab.
  • When the new page opens, select the option that you want to retrieve.
  • Fill in your full name, mobile number, and email address.
  • Enter the captcha and click on Send OTP.
  • An OTP will sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Fill in the OTP and click on the Verify button.
  • After registration, your Aadhar number and enrollment ID will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID.
  • Once you retrieve the Aadhaar number and Enrollment ID you can go back to the download Aadhar option.
  • Click on the download e Aadhaar option.

Why Am I Facing Issues When Download E-Adhar?

There are many reasons why you are facing issues while downloading e Aadhar. Here are some potential reasons:

  • You can not download e-Adhar if your mobile number is not linked with UIDAI because an OTP will sent by the UIDAI to your mobile number. You can not download e Adhar before entering the right OTP.
  • A Poor and unstable internet connection may also be a reason why you are facing issues when download e Aadhaar.
  • Sometimes your browser does not support UIDAI which can also create issues while download e Aadhar.
  • If your personal details such as name, date of birth, and mobile number are outdated then you will face issues when download e Adhaar.

Why Should You Download E Adhar Card?

You should download an e Aadhaar card because of the below-mentioned potential reasons:

  • E Adhar card is treated equally to the Aadhaar card as it is a digital document authorised by the UIDAI.
  • E Aadhaar is a password-protected PDF file that ensures higher safety of carrying this important document.
  • E Aadhar can be stored safely for anytime access in Digilocker, and you can download it instantly by using your mobile number.

Where Am I Go To Download E Aadhaar?

To download e Aadhar card you can visit

Can I Download E Aadhaar Without OTP?

No, you can not download e Aadhar without OTP, Before downloading e Adhar UIDAI sends an OTP to your registered mobile number for verification.

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