Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card 2023

Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card is certificate that specifies a particular person belongs to an organization. Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate can be issued by educational institutions.

Generally, educational institutes issue this certificate to their students. Also, the firms also issue this certificate to their employees.

If you want to get this certificate, you have to first apply to the head of the appropriate institution/Organization. (Bonafide Certificate meaning) While some institutions also have a prescribed format of application form for this certificate.

Here we are going to provide an application format, examples, and its uses. 

Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate Format PDF 2023

Presently the college/institute has its individual format for the Aadhar Card Bonafide Certificate, this format contains specifications like the college or institute name published on the letterhead, date of issuing, student’s details to whom it is issued, and the certificate signed by the head of the institution. 

What Is The Use Of a Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card?

It is necessary for a variety of purposes. Let’s have a look at them:

  • This certificate may be needed to get discounts for students on city buses, local trains, metros, and other types of public transportation.
  • The certificate may be necessary when applying for a passport.
  • This certificate is sometimes needed when applying for a visa, like when a student studying abroad gets a separate student visa or when an employee of a business gets a work visa.
  • Certain financial institutions offer low-interest loans to students. The learner may be required to submit this certificate in order to gain access to this benefit.
  • A genuine certificate may be included in the paperwork presented to various traffic authorities in order to apply for a driver’s license as additional identification.

Purpose Of  Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card 2023

For Students- Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card

  • To apply for educational loans 
  • To visit an industry for a project
  • To attend a seminar/conferences/workshops in other colleges
  • For availing travel concessions to students
  • Passport application
  • To join a public library
  • Visa extension to students

For Employees- Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card

  • Have to take a loan from the bank
  • To open a bank account again
  • To attend an official seminar or conference

Content Of Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card

  • This certificate includes many things like the name of the school, all the information of the student, the admission number of the student, and in which class the student is studying. 
  • This certificate includes the details of the company and all the important details of the employee. 
  • The details of the employee include contact information, his / her position in the company, and other important details of the employee. You can also visit this for GST certificate download.

Documents Required For Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate Format Pdf 2023

Documents Required for Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate

For Students- Aadhar Card School Bonafide Certificate

  • Application Form
  • Photocopy of ID card
  • Fee Receipt (Fees to be paid at the Counter while submitting application form)

For Employees- Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card

  • Copy of Employee ID card
  • Copy of Payslip

Certificate For Students- Aadhar Card School Bonafide Certificate

In some institutions, the student needs to submit the application form in a prescribed format to get the certificate. A sample and copy of the Application are shown below. If the student is in the first year or in the second year they need to attach the leaving certificate with the application form.

Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate For Employees

If you are working in an institute/ organization then you have to apply in written format to the head of the institute. Here we are sharing some simple request letter examples to apply for the certificate in the company. Along with this you can also check regarding biodegradable waste.

Bonafide Certificate For College

If you’re applying for one from your college, you can either request an application form from your university or use a generic application format.

Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate For Passport

When applying for a passport, you may be asked to provide proof that you are studying or have studied at a specific college or that you work for a particular company. Along with this you can check for best loan apps for students.

What Is The Use Of The Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate?

The Aadhar Card Bonafide Certificate is important from a different point of view. Students will get their permit cards for transport like buses, local trains, and metros. It is also required at the time of passport making.

Who Issued The Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card?

This Aadhaar Card Bonafide Certificate is issued by a particular organization to certify that a particular person belongs to that institute or organization. Mainly, the educational institute issue this certificate to its students. 

Where Is The Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate Required?

A Bonafide Certificate is required while applying for a passport. And for visa applications for students who are studying abroad or where a work visa is required in a company.

How To Use A Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card?

Aadhar Card Bonafide Certificate has many uses for individuals who belong to different categories like school students, college students, and working employees. If a student requests an Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate then the particular institute issues a Bonafide Certificate. 

Is A Bonafide certificate For Aadhaar Card necessary?

Documents required for Aadhaar for children between 5 to 15 years of age: This requires the birth certificate of the child and any one of the following as proof of identity. School ID card, on the letterhead of the institution.

Who Are Termed As Bonafide Students?

A Bonafide student is someone who has been enrolled in a recognized school, college, or university, or a state-run technical college or institution, for a certain amount of time and for a specific number of classes and topics.

How To Get The Aadhaar Bonafide Certificate From College?

To get an Aadhar Card Bonafide Certificate, you need to appeal to the head of the institute/organization in writing. This is an elementary request letter to the concerned person of an institute for applying for a Bonafide Certificate. You can download the form by this official site.

What Documents Are Required For A Bonafide Certificate For Aadhaar Card?

Affidavit. Copy of the Ration Card. Copy of Voter’s ID or Electoral Roll. Aadhar Card. Copy of educational qualification. Copy of Birth Certificate. Property or rent receipt. Certificate issued by two competent officers.

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