Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme 2023: Biofloc Tanks With Subsidy Support

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Discover the benefits of Biofloc Fish Farming: Sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly aquaculture. Start your scheme today!

Biofloc fish farming is an innovative and low-cost method of raising fish that is gaining popularity in India. By recycling waste to grow food for the fish, biofloc systems allow for high-density fish farming with minimal water exchange. This technology lets small-scale farmers achieve high productivity in a small area.

Biofloc fish farming requires less land, water, and electricity than traditional aquaculture. Read on to learn more about biofloc systems and how to start your own biofloc fish farm.

Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme 2023 Highlights

NameBiofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme
Launched byOdisha Government
BenefitBenefits for fishermen of the state

To encourage farmers, entrepreneurs, and unemployed youth into income generation through a small-scale Bio-floc farming system, F&ARD Dept. will develop 1080 nos. of Bio-floc tanks with subsidy support.

Biofloc Fish Farming Farming Scheme 2023

The Chief Minister of Odisha State Mr. Naveen Patnaik recently launched the Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme for the farmers and fishermen to promote aquaculture in fisheries by using advanced technology. 

The Odisha State Government, under this scheme, will provide livelihood support to entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, and aspiring progressive fish farmers. This state government will also promote fish farming in the state and also help in connecting educated youth with aquaculture through this fish farming scheme.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of Odisha State facing unemployment. The state government will provide employment opportunities through this fish farming scheme. 

The Aspirants can download the application form from the official website to get the benefits of the Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme. 

All the farmers who want to grow out tanks, nurseries, and seed tanks fish and shrimp hatchery operators, private entrepreneurs, and unemployed youth of Odisha state are eligible for this Scheme. 

 Latest Update: Now the Jammu and Kashmir administration is also introducing biofloc (BFT) technology to boost fish farming in the potential areas across the union territory. 

Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme Benefits

This Fish Farming Scheme will be launched to enhance the high-yielding escalated fish cultivating in little zones utilizing Biofloc Technology. Under this Fish Farming Scheme, the state government will encourage Ranchers, Business People, And Jobless Youth into salary age through a little scope Bio-floc fish cultivating framework. 

Under this scheme, budgetary help of 40% To The General Class And 60% to SC/ST and ladies recipients through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) mode would be given for establishment. The Fish Farming Scheme will bring a new revolution in the Odisha state, providing benefits to the 540 jobless adolescents/fish ranchers, and increment profitability of 300 kg/Tank in BFT.

Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme Subsidy

Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme Subsidy
Unit costTotal Cost
2 Tanks as one unitRs. 1.5 lakh
4 tanks as one unitRs. 3 lakh
6 tanks as one unitRs. 4 lakh

Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • The people who work with Freshwater Fish and brackish water shrimp farmers (grow-out tanks, nursery and seed tanks); fish and shrimp hatchery operators; private entrepreneurs are eligible for the Fish Farming scheme.
  •  In this scheme, the unemployed educated youth of the Odisha state will get higher priorities.
  • The Aspirant should have to undergo specialized training in Bio-floc before the operation of the unit.
  •  The support will be provided for the bank-ended assistance in the installation of the bio-floc system inside a shed through PVC / tarpaulin tanks, water supply, drainage, and aeration units.
  •  The aspirant must have a license related to the Coastal Aquaculture Authority of the saltwater shrimp farm/nursery and seed tank/hatchery beneficiaries.
  •  Financial assistance will be provided for a minimum of 2 tanks and a maximum of 6 tanks.

Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme Required Documents

  •  Aadhaar Card 
  •  Photocopy of Land Document.
  •  The consent letter from Bank, If Bank Loan is already taken, 
  •  Bank Account No. with A/C IFC Code for DBT (Photocopy)
  •  Self-declaration Proof
  • Visit the Official Website of the Odisha Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Department.
  •  On the homepage of the official website, click on the “Schemes” option
  • A list will appear on your computer screen, click on the “Fisheries Schemes” link
  • A new page will open now click on the option ‘Brief Description of the Scheme‘ from the section “Promotion of Intensive Aquaculture through Introduction of Bio-floc Technology during the year 2023”
  •  Then click on the option to view
  • A list of the schemes PDF file will display on your screen with all of the information about the scheme
  • The application form for the scheme is available in the PDF
  •  Download the Application form PDF
  •  Fill in all the required details like name, address, contact number, bank details, etc.
  • Upload all the required documents
  •  Submit the application form to the respective District Fisheries Officers.
  • The applicant can also submit the application Form online to the Directorate of Fisheries, Odisha, Cuttack through email-

What Is The Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme?

Through the Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme, the Odisha State Government will provide livelihood support to entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, and aspiring progressive fish farmers. This Fish Farming Scheme will also promote fish farming in the Odisha state and also help in connecting educated youth with aquaculture.

What Is Biofloc Fish Farming?

Biofloc technology (BFT) is an environmentally friendly aquaculture technique based on in situ microorganism production.

What Is The Subsidy Amount For Biofloc Fish Farming?

The cost of the unit for setting up a bio-floc unit of 2 tanks is fixed at Rs 1.5 lakh, Rs 3 lakh for 4 tanks, and Rs 4 lakh with 40% subsidy support for 6 tanks.

Is Biofloc Fish Healthy?

A good nutritional value is found in biofloc. The dry weight protein ranges from 25 – 50 percent, and fat ranges from 0.5 – 15 percent. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals, particularly phosphorous.

Which Probiotic Is Best For Biofloc Fish Farming?

Federale FlocBiotic is a rich probiotic used in BioFloc Fish Farming, it is a naturally occurring bacteria, nutrients, and micro and macro minerals that help in the growth of floc, phytoplankton, and natural blooms.

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