A A Y Ration Card 2023 [Antyodaya Anna Yojana]

The (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) A A Y Ration Card is one of the major ration card types in India. It is issued to the poorest households by the central government under the National Food Security Act 2013. 

AAY ration card holders are entitled to 35kg of food grains per family per month, containing rice, wheat, and coarse grains. This highly subsidized Antyodaya Anna Yojana Schema uplifts the condition of the poorest of the poor in the country.

What Is The A A Y Ration Card?

One of the main types of ration cards distributed by state governments in India under the National Food Security Act 2013 is the (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) AAY Ration Card Bihar. It is designed for the most impoverished households, those with extremely low monthly incomes. 

The A A Y ration card entitles a holder to receive 35 kg of subsidized food grains per family per month. This includes rice, wheat, and coarse grains like maize. The food grains are provided at just Rs. 1/2/3 per kg for rice/wheat/coarse grains respectively

The central government bears the cost of the highly subsidized grains for AAY families. Having an AAY card also makes holders eligible for other government schemes. 

The card can serve as an important proof of identification and address as well. The Antyodaya Anna Yojana Schema ration card aims to uplift the condition of the most economically backward families in the country.

Who Is Eligible For An A A Y Ration Card?

Eligible For An A A Y Ration Card

The poorest of the poor households in India are intended for by the (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) AAY ration cards. Families making under Rs 15,000 annually qualify. 

Other criteria include homeless households, manual scavengers, primitive tribal groups, and bonded laborers. 

The scheme targets the most vulnerable and economically backward sections of society. Having an A A Y ration card entitles them to highly subsidized food grains monthly for nutritional support.

Documents Required For AAY Ration Card Schema

Here are the documents required for an Antyodaya Anna Yojana Schema Ration Card:

  • Proof of annual income below Rs 15,000 with income certificate.
  • Address proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, driving license etc.)
  • Photographs of all family members
  • Bank account details
  • Proof of social backwardness if applicable (manual scavenger certificate, bonded labor certificate, etc.)
  • BPL certificate if available
  • Affidavit stating the family belongs to the economically weaker section
  • A ration card issued earlier if migrating from another state
  • Any other state-specific documents required

How To Apply For (Antyodya Anna Yojana) A A Y Ration Card?

Get the application form from the local Food and Civil Supplies office or AP Ration card download pdf. it online. Fill in details and attach eligibility documents like income proof, and address proof. 

Submit the completed form to the designated office for processing. An inspection and biometric authentication will follow before issuing the A A Y card.

Here are the steps to apply for an (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) AAY Ration Card:

  • Contact your local Food and Civil Supplies office to obtain the application form for an A A Y ration card or download it online from the state government website
  • Fill in all details in the form accurately and attach the required documents as proof of eligibility like income certificate, address proof, and bank details.
  • Submit the completed application form along with photocopies of documents to the designated Food and Civil Supplies office.
  • An inspection may be conducted by officials at your residence to verify the details provided. Ensure you are present during the verification process.
  • After processing the application, an (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) AAY ration card will be issued to eligible applicants. This may take a few weeks.
  • On receipt of the AAY card, check all details are correct. Inform authorities of any discrepancies.
  • With the Antydaya Anna Yojana schema, subsidized food grains can be availed from the nearest fair-price shop.
  • Biometric authentication through a POS machine will be required during the purchase of grains.

What Are The Benefits Of A A Y Ration Card?

The AAY ration card provides 35kg of subsidized food grains monthly to the poorest families. It also makes holders eligible for other government welfare schemes on a priority basis.

Here are the key benefits of an (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) A A Y Ration Card Haryana:

  • Provides 35kg subsidized food grains per family per month – rice, wheat, and coarse grains at just Rs. 1, 2, and 3 per kg respectively.
  • Priority household status for the poorest families to avail food security.
  • Can avail of benefits under other government welfare schemes on a priority basis.
  • Useful as an identity and address proof authorized by the government.
  • Signifies eligibility for further benefits like free LPG connection, electricity connection, etc.
  • Supports very poor families nutritionally and financially.
  • No need to wait in long queues at ration shops.
  • Grains can be availed from any FPS shop across India and check online ration card status.

The A A Y ration card aims to uplift the lives of the most economically disadvantaged households.

Who Can Claim A A Y Ration Card Beneficiaries Benefits?

The head of the family or the eldest member is generally authorized to collect the entitled food grains against the A A Y ration card. All members listed on the (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) AAY card can avail of the benefits. 

To collect grains, biometric authentication through a POS machine is required. Any family member whose name is included can provide fingerprint verification at the fair price shop. Here are the types of beneficiaries.

Rural Areas Beneficiaries In A A Y Ration Card

  • Landless agricultural laborers
  • Marginal farmers with very small land holdings
  • Rural artisans like weavers, blacksmiths, potters, etc.
  • Slum dwellers and homeless people
  • Old aged, disabled or sick persons with no means of subsistence
  • Households headed by widows or terminally ill persons
  • Primitive tribal groups and nomadic communities
  • Bonded laborers and manual scavengers

Urban Areas Beneficiaries In A A Y Ration Card

  • Slum dwellers and homeless persons
  • Street children and child laborers
  • Beggars and destitute individuals
  • Elderly, disabled or sick persons with no means of subsistence
  • Families headed by widows, terminally ill persons, or old-aged
  • Rag pickers and rickshaw pullers engaged in unorganized sector
  • Transgenders with inadequate stable income
  • Victims of human trafficking, violence, or displacement
  • Artisans like potters, cobblers, craftsmen, etc. in unorganized urban sectors
  • Migrant laborers engaged in temporary unskilled jobs

Issue Of Atyondaya Anna Yojana

The (Antyodaya Anna Yojana schema) A A Y Ration card provides food security to the poorest families but faces some key challenges.

These include irregular grain supply, issues with biometric authentication, exclusion of deserving families, lack of monitoring, and limitations in expanding coverage.

Overcoming these issues is essential for the scheme to fully achieve its objective of uplifting the poorest of the poor.

  • Irregular supply of food grains at fair-price shops leading to shortages.
  • Poor quality of grains distributed in some states.
  • Lack of full 35kg entitlement per family in many cases.
  • Issues with biometric authentication through POS machines.
  • Exclusion errors leave out some very poor families.
  • Inclusion errors in providing A A Y Ration cards to ineligible families.
  • Lack of monitoring and grievance redressal mechanisms.
  • No additional nutritional support for vulnerable groups like pregnant women.
  • Limitations in expanding the Antyodaya Anna Yojana scheme to cover more poor families.
  • Grain wastage and leakage in the public distribution system.
  • Lack of awareness about the scheme amongst the poorest households.

Is There A Fee For Obtaining An AAY Ration Card?

No, there is no fee for applying and obtaining an A A Y ration card. The Antyodaya Anna Yojana scheme is meant for the poorest households.
Charging any fee for the application or issuance of an AAY card will deter truly needy families from applying. 
The entire process of applying, verifying, approving, and issuing the ration card is absolutely free of cost. Applicants need not pay any bribes either.

What Happens If My AAY Ration Card Is Lost Or Damaged?

If your AAY ration card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you should immediately inform the relevant Food and Civil Supplies office. You will have to file an application describing how the card was lost along with a copy of the FIR, if applicable. 
The Food office will then issue a duplicate A A Y ration card after doing the required verification. 

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